Baptism (or Christening as it is sometimes known) is a ceremony of ‘beginning’ and has always been one of the most important steps that anyone can take in life. If you are seeking the baptism of your child, please contact the Ministry Team on :–
Phone – 01676 248479
or by E Mail –

Thay will encourage you to come to church in order that you meet the church family before the Service.


He will also arrange to meet you to answer any questions you may have, to explain the service and to fix a date. You will need to carefully choose your child’s godparents as they will be promising to pray for your child and support him/her by word and example to learn more about Jesus and grow in the Christian faith.

If you were not baptised as a small child but are looking to be baptised remember it is never too late! When you contact the Minister he will invite you to join an informal course about the Christian faith and then you can either be baptised and confirmed at the same service or you can be baptised and then confirmed later.

Not sure what confirmation means? See Confirmation.

Whatever your age Baptism is a life changing decision. It means turning from wrong and committing yourself to follow Jesus. There can be no more momentous decision than this. But you do not walk this journey alone. The whole Church family makes a commitment to help, support and encourage the newly baptised as they grow in faith and we are here to help you.

Whatever the age of child or adult, please Contact the Church Warden.

For more about Baptism in the Church of England,